The future of corporate reporting

22 Nov 2018

corporate reporting


Corporate reporting is changing and businesses need to keep up or face a range of consequences


About the report

This report is based on interviews with a number of world-renowned corporate reporting experts and provides a picture of the current state, and predictions for the future of corporate reporting.

An industry report led by AIBE Research Fellow Cristyn Meath identifies the implications of these changes and provides recommendations for the Australian business community.

Ms Meath said rapid developments were occurring in the corporate reporting environment globally with implications for regulated and voluntary reporting in Australia.

“Corporate reporting has the potential to contribute significant value to organisations as well as effect meaningful change for society and the environment,” she said.

“However, the competitive implications for organisations failing to address such reporting expectations are already evident and will become increasingly significant in the coming years.

“Some of the impacts businesses will experience include inability to access finance, reputational and regulatory risk, and shareholder action.”

The report also suggests income inequality and biodiversity loss have the potential to be the next focus areas for corporate reporting disclosure and potentially regulatory reform in Australia.