Since AIBE’s inception in late 2014, we have developed strong partnerships with organisations in Queensland, interstate and overseas.

Research expertise

At AIBE, we have strategically developed research expertise in line with the Universities research strengths in business, economics and law areas. AIBE’s researchers are investigating areas such as:

  • Applied Economics
  • Digital Enterprise
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Governance, Science, Technology and the Law

We also have access to applied researchers in other fields of research such as accounting, business information systems, finance, management and marketing. 

Strategy and innovation

Our research expertise and focus on Strategy and Innovation Research comprise multiple streams of research which includes a focus on:

  • building capacity within the start-up ecosystem by developing a clear framework for understanding how entrepreneurs successfully launch high impact new ventures
  • the role of innovative business models in creating new markets and disrupting existing markets
  • enablers and challenges in the process of bringing innovative products and services to the market in startups, small businesses, corporates and social enterprises
  • developing and implementing strategic change to position organisation’s in a rapidly changing business environment
  • corporate innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive in a changing business landscape
  • preparing managers and executives to succeed in the context disruption and change.

Our strategy and innovation team

Our strategy and innovation research team has expertise in: 

  • social psychology of entrepreneurship
  • economics of innovation
  • behavioural economics of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • strategic planning in a changing business landscape across the financial service industry, health, education, energy and telecommunication
  • research capability to uncover novel insights by executing rigorous survey design and developing in-depth case studies
  • develop actionable recommendation for managers, executives and policy-makers.

Excellence in Research for Australia Assessment (2015) rated BEL fields of research well above world standard (5) for: Economic theory; Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services; Business and Management; Tourism; and Information Systems.

AIBE funded and supported research

AIBE has an objective to support and showcase applied research across the three schools of Business, Economics and Law. We has set up an internal funding scheme to support BEL researchers in an applied projects. The general aim of the funding scheme is:

Support and develop new applied research projects and assist in establishing collaborative research agreements with business and government.

Projects are innovative, cutting-edge applied research and strong support from business or government.

The projects will provide a solid basis for an ARC Linkage application to continue the research.