UQ solar farm at Gatton
UQ solar farm at Gatton, Queensland. Image: Adam Harper

The development of large-scale renewables projects in Australia is increasing rapidly and represent a significant form of infrastructure investment for rural economies. Assessing the broader impacts to rural communities and economies is a critical step in developing best practice guidelines to maximise benefits for rural communities and communicate these benefits to all stakeholders.

The research project comprises three segments:

  1. A systematic literature review of social, ecological and economic impacts associated with large scale infrastructure developments in rural areas.
  2. A multi-regional economic model for large-scale renewables projects to provide a comprehensive picture of socio-ecological impacts.
  3. The development of a best practice guide to facilitate the development of large-scale renewables project which maximise benefits to rural communities.

Project Benefits

Identification of best practice for large-scale infrastructure developments in rural areas to maximise benefits to rural communities

Decision making support for stakeholders including Local Government Authorities through the development of an adapted multi-regional economic model focused on economic, social and ecological impacts.

Increased corporate understanding of the contribution of rural renewables projects to decarbonisation strategies.

Project members

Emeritus Professor John Mangan

Emeritus Professor
Australian Institute for Business and Economics
Dr Cristyn Meath

Dr Cristyn Meath

Research Lead (Sustainable Infrastructure)
Australian Institute for Business and Economics