• digital watch with health app

    Adaptive Regulation for Digital Health

    Australia has an opportunity to take the global lead in ensuring timely consumer access to cutting-edge medical technologies. This report is critical reading for start-ups and innovators developing digital health technologies.
  • Impacts of computational technologies on the legal profession

    Australian Institute for Business and Economics
    Dr Fish’s research maps the new technologies being incorporated into legal services, as well as how this is changing the structure of the profession.
  • blurry image of meeting

    Logan Community Justice Centre

    Queensland Government
    Providing a rigorous evidence base for the design of a Community Justice Centre in Logan to address the underlying causes of offending behaviour amongst people experiencing disadvantage.
  • Australian Parliament

    An Efficient Collaborative Mechanism To End Phoenix Company Behaviour

    Australian Institute for Business and Economics
    Research, propose and test a collaborative model to enable enforceable corporate governance strategies to combat the Phoenix companies in Australia.

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