Covid-19 and Professional Football in Australia

28 Sep 2020

The year 2020 presented many challenges to the major professional sports teams in Australia. The immediate cause was the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in postponement of competitions and greatly reduced crowd attendance. However, it can be argued that the coronavirus pandemic merely heightened the issues facing professional sport in general and football in particular.

These issues include, market saturation, technical innovation that reduced the value of individual sponsorship and the increased competition for sponsorship following the rapid rise of female sport. This presentation examines the structural issues embedded in the professional sports model and the increased tensions introduced by COVID-19 and its aftermath and offers up some solutions.


UQ alumni interview John Mangan about the future of football 

In this conversation, Professor John Mangan of UQ Business School applies his economics expertise to the future of Australia's four football codes. He delves into the questions asked by UQ Alumni and outlines the issues and triumphs of the codes trying to tackle COVID-19.
Recorded June 2020.  

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