When's the best time to charge my electric vehicle?

About our research 

Using field data and surveys to study electric vehicle (EV) charging in Australia, this research will inform EV owners, policymakers, and industry to support the development of an EV transition that benefits consumers and the grid.

The project was funded by Energy Consumers Australia's Grants Program. 

Meet the research team 

Project outputs:

Interested in participating?

The University of Queensland is recruiting EV users across Australia to study their driving and charging behaviour.

Tesla owners

Tesla owners accepted into the program will receive 1 year of premium membership credit at Teslascope and future optional rewards. The University of Queensland will have access to the driving and charging data of all vehicles registered under a participant’s Teslascope account. The participant can choose to withdraw from the program at any time.

Find out more about how to get started as a Tesla owner 

Non-Tesla owners

If you own an EV that is not a Tesla, you can still contribute to this research by taking a survey. Taking this survey gives you the opportunity to enter a draw for a $500 gift card.

If you own an EV and are interested to contribute to this research, please register interest by clicking below.

Tesla owners Non-Tesla owners

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