Port of Brisbane - Developing Port Growth

June 2015June 2018

About the project

The Developing Port Growth partnership with the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) supported the commercial, governance, operations and future planning for Australia’s largest capital city multi-cargo port facility.

Beginning in 2015, the three-year, $2 million partnership developed 15 short and long-term research projects in the fields of supply chain optimisation, environmental engineering, and sustainability governance. AIBE coordinated research and report delivery across 7 projects and maintains an ongoing relationship with PBPL to institute further outcomes resulting from research projects.

The research focussed on port and broader supply-chain optimisation issues and sustainability governance.

Supply-chain optimisation projects

  • Investigating the demand for coastal non-bulk freight shipping in Queensland
  • Economic analysis of horizontal and vertical integration of logistic actors
  • Econometric modelling of the joint decisions of using transport yards and dwell time
  • Blockchain application for TCS
  • Improving the planning for inland container transportation (drayage operations) through optimisation
  • Developing an exact algorithm for fast and effective planning of drayage operations
  • Data mining of truck GPS dataset

Sustainability governance projects

  • Corporate sustainability governance of ports in Australia and New Zealand

Project Benefits

The partnership has directly assisted the PBPL in its commercial, governance, operational and strategic thinking and planning. Direct benefits to PBPL and the broader port community include:

  • optimising port capacity and facilitating the more efficient handling of goods and supply chains (such as for drayage operations), thus benefiting exporters and the Queensland economy as a whole
  • providing an evidence-base for informed decision-making about potential infrastructure investments based on high-quality surveying and analysis of coastal freight shipping demand
  • providing deep insight into blockchain technology, including its design, use and potential benefits
  • enhancing port infrastructure and operations to ensure a more consistent and efficient handling of freight to the benefit of the import and export industry
  • providing a comprehensive review of corporate sustainability practices at PBPL vis-à-vis competitors in Australia and New Zealand.

Project members

Environmental engineering led by Dr Alistair Grinham

Supply chain projects supervised by Professor Carlo Prato