law booksAIBE is funding the project titled “Access to Justice: Technology, Innovation and Sustainability” which is working with LawRight. This project was awarded funding as part of the internal scheme - AIBE Applied Research Fund in October 2017.

The aim of this project is to test the efficiency and sustainability of online applications to deliver consumer legal information and access to justice.

This project will measure potential benefits and draw-backs for Community Legal Centres (CLCs) employing open source software (A2J Author) to design and use user-friendly forms for legal consumers when accessing the courts. The project will assess the accessibility, efficiency and sustainability of an online form already designed by LawRight. The project will evaluate the effectiveness of the form as a legal triage tool and measure the cost and labour effectiveness within a CLC of designing such online applications for consumers in areas of acute legal need.

This study addresses an important public policy question of how to optimally allocate finite resources in a sector facing high and growing demand for its services and decreasing funding.

Project members