Governance, regulation and the law

The rules governing how we make, work and trade are changing


Priority themes

Drawing from applied expertise in UQ Law, our governance and regulation research focuses on contemporary business problems across two legal themes:

  • Redefining corporate governance, behaviour, values and culture in an ever-changing business environment. Cartels, corruption, financial crime.
  • Business form, business association models, and tax policy best suited to an ever-changing business environment.


Our law, regulation and governance researchers have expertise in:

  • Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and corporations law
  • Duties, roles, responsibilities and skills of company directors
  • The impact of business form on taxation and tax policy, legal tax compliance
  • Trust, integrity and ethics in corporations, regulators and policy makers.

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Program leader

  • Dr Thea Voogt

    Dr Thea Voogt

    Research Program Leader - Governance, Regulation and the Law
    Australian Institute for Business and Economics




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