Digital Enterprise

The digitization of our organisational operations is changing

Digital business models and strategy

Digitalization is transforming how organizations operate and create revenue streams. Many new digital-native organizations— like Uber, Airbnb, and eBay— utilize platform ecosystems to connect with digital partners and communities of users. Large traditional organizations are also increasingly pressured to participate in platform ecosystems. We study digital business models and help organizations learn how to create business value through digital platforms. This involves building successful platform strategies and better organizing internally to execute the platform strategies.

Digital capabilities and culture

Organizations invest in digital assets to enjoy the benefits of digitalization. However, technology alone can only go so far. Organizations need to build digital capabilities and embed them in their culture to maximise the value from digital assets. Developing capabilities and changing culture is hard and time-consuming. To foster digital transformation, we study how organizations can be agile in building digital capabilities they need and nurturing a digital-savvy workforce.

Analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation

Data is arguably the most important asset organizations can accumulate. Value from data is created when it is well-managed, embedded into business processes and pervasively used by all employees. Our research focuses on data-driven transformation and helps managers determine what is required for successful transformation. Specifically, we study analytics capabilities and culture, data monetization, business applications of AI and business process automation needed to become data-driven.

Big data ethics and governance

While there are numerous benefits of big data, there are also risks and consequences of unethical usage for all stakeholders involved. Our research explores the impact of big data and intelligent machines on individuals, organizations and society. It particularly focuses on issues related to ethics, privacy, transparency and accountability as data and algorithms become pervasively used for decision-making. Our goal is to help organizations build appropriate data practices, empower individuals and inform legal data processes.

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