• 1 William St, Brisbane City

    Queensland Treasury Corporation project

    January 2015January 2016
    Not Specified
    Collaborative research work with the Queensland Treasury Corporation on a range of matters including bonds, insurance, hospitals and disruptive technologies
  • ANZ economic and financial reports

    January 2016January 2017
    Not Specified
    We worked with the ANZ to produce a series of economic and financial reports about the short-term challenges facing Australia and south-east Asia.
  • houses

    Back from the dead: Australian Inheritance Tax

    Australian Institute for Business and Economics
    This paper highlights growing inequality and the slowdown of the intergenerational flow of wealth, which threaten Australia’s traditionally strong equality of opportunity.
  • UQ - Port of Brisbane research partnership

    Port of Brisbane - Developing Port Growth

    June 2015June 2018
    Optimisation and Sustainability in the Port of Brisbane Research Partnership
  • Asia-Pacific Labour Barometer

    Asia-Pacific Labour Barometer: Developing tourism workforce intelligence

    Australian Institute for Business and Economics
    This project aims to develop a commercialisable tourism labour barometer to be used by governments, business and related organisations across the Asia-Pacific region to track and map workforce trends for a more sustainable development of the industry and supporting long-term growth.