There are many reasons why your business will benefit by working with AIBE and the researchers at UQ:

  • Access to world-leading experts who can apply their knowledge and rigorous academic modelling to solve problems
  • Rigour and transparency in their research process
  • Researchers who are passionate and knowledgeable in their discipline and have the latest knowledge from around the world
  • Researchers who collaborate with other researchers around the world and share their knowledge and insights
  • AIBE uses applied researchers who work in close collaboration with businesses and understand the issues and complexities and provide practical, relevant research findings
  • AIBE arranges research services and conducted by researchers within The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law which has a reputation for research excellence

Work experience at AIBE

AIBE accepts students through BEL Faculty's Student Employability Team's Student Work Experience Program (SWEP), a competitive recruitment and work experience program for mid-degree students from business, economics and law programs.

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"We focus the brains of world-leading experts on the challenges and opportunities your business faces.

Prof. John Mangan

Partner with us

There are many ways in which you can work and engage with AIBE and access our highly skilled researchers. Some of the ways in which we can partner include:

Research contract/collaborations

Student engagement (MBA Student applied projects)

Consulting services

Higher Degree Research students (Applied Doctorate students

Workshops and forums

Tenders, grants and proposals (Joint bids) with other universities and consulting companies

We also partner with researchers from different disciplines at UQ in order to tackle issues in a holistic way.