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A research model for designing sustainable tourism - YouTube 2:38
Professor Sara Dolnicar describes how encouraging specific behaviours in guests can help move towards more environmentally sustainable tourism.

A research model for reducing plate waste - YouTube 2:40
We minimise food waste at home, so what changes on holiday? We examine some of the causes of plate waste at hotel buffets.

How to reduce operating cost, increase environmental sustainability and improve one’s image - YouTube 30:06
Sara Dolnicar shares her research in this Keynote at the tForum 2020 global conference, December 2020. Tourism business can reduce the burden of their operations on the environment, reduce operating costs, and improve their image, all without guests having to sacrifice their holiday enjoyment.

How to waste less on vacation - YouTube 30:06
At this TEDxUQ event recorded in September 2017,  Professor Sara Dolnicar shares her practical research encouraging tourists to waste less water, energy, and food while on vacation. Sara looks at how small and “painless” behavioural changes in the billions of tourists generated each year can significantly reduce the negative impact of tourism globally, and create a more environmentally sustainable industry. 

The role of habit in tourist behaviour - YouTube 8:38
How do our daily habits manifest in the context of tourists on holidays? Sarah MacInnes introduces the need to discover how habits form and the development of effective behaviour change techniques.
CAUTHE conference, February 2021

How much do hotel guests value non-core hotel services that burden the environment? - YouTube 6:30
Dorine von Briel introduces the need to research how much visitors value non-core accommodation services when weighed against the environmental strain they pose.
CAUTHE conference, February 2021

Environmentally extended input-output analysis - YouTube 8:46
Csilla Demeter proposes an alternative to the typical Life Cycle Assessment method when measuring the carbon footprint of tourism industry activity.
CAUTHE conference, February 2021

Related publications

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Low Harm Hedonism Initiative received a CETT Alimara Barcelona Award for applied research in responding to the challenges faced by the tourism and hospitality industry.