Presented by Associate Professor Mohammad Alauddin 


Periodic changes notwithstanding essentials of SECaT (Student Evaluation of Courses and Teaching) or analogous instrument revolves around 10 or so single-scale based ordinal data. This project departs from the existing practice and aims to develop 1) a new SECaT framework incorporating interval-ratio scales replacing a single item Likert scale to measure variables capturing the diversity of the student population and staff attributes; and 2) a digital front-end (end-user) and a restricted back-end (administrator).

It represents a new direction in research the outcomes of which will have: (a) potential for industry (higher education) application as an instrument for minimising sources of bias at both formative and summative processes for informed decision-making, both at a course coordinator level, as well as program leader and associate dean academic levels; (b) prospects for commercialisation given the express aim of developing a portal for the front and back ends, as well as mobile learning capabilities, and (c) e-patent possibility of the concept and portal and mobile solution.

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