Dr Belinda Wade and Dr Ian MacKenzie


Disruption to centralised electricity supply systems is accelerating as governments, industry and communities grapple with the so-called ‘energy trilemma’ – the challenge of providing secure, equitable and environmentally sustainable energy to an ever-growing global population. For Australia, resolution of these issues is becoming increasingly elusive with the energy sector facing unprecedented politicisation and policy inertia.

Significant trends are also emerging in the market, including supply and storage developments and changing policy dynamics, with the associated impacts becoming more complex and difficult to predict. In this Industry Research Report which is being presented, the Australian Institute for Business & Economics (AIBE) contributes to the debate, providing a summary of the latest developments in Australia’s energy market, expert insights as to future implications of such trends and importantly, profile leading research which outlines how organizations and the industry can adapt to yet further changes.

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